A closer look at the Public’s onboarding, user experience, strategy, and features

Foreword: The purpose of a product critique is to observe and evaluate what makes a successful or not-so-successful product. The goal is not to criticize but rather reverse engineer the thinking underlying the product. My focus on most of these critiques will be to address user problems and go-to-market strategies through a lens of design, strategy, and growth.

Some Context

Public is a free investing app that offers fractional investing with no commission fees or account minimums, but with an added twist — a social and community-driven approach to investing. …

Empowering Peloton users to personalize their experience and build the habit of working out

P.S. I want to preface this case study by stating that I have the utmost respect for the designers and developers at Peloton, and this concept redesign is born out of a desire to further my own education as a designer.

Some Background

Like many of Peloton’s new users, I started using the Peloton app in the early weeks of the pandemic. Being stuck at home, it was a great time to devote to at-home workouts. However, I noticed that I couldn’t really set up a good workout routine on the app.

Peloton’s schedule feature allows users to schedule live classes. However…

The pros, cons, materials covered & key takeaways of the course

While on my journey to become a self-taught UX professional, I knew the first big challenge I would face would be to develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of UX. After a lot of asking around on Quora and Reddit, I knew this course was the place to start.

Introduction to UX Principles and Processes was my first course on Coursera, and I had a great experience taking it. It is the first part of this six-part specialization in User Experience Research and Design by the University of Michigan. I can assure you that the content is super high-quality…

Aditya Mankare

I’m a UX Designer focused on building products that create an emotional and behavioral impact on people. Studying HCI at the University of Michigan.

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