Product Teardown: Public, The Social Investing App

A closer look at the Public’s onboarding, user experience, strategy, and features

Some Context

First Impressions

The Onboarding Experience

What I liked about the onboarding process

What I did not like about the onboarding process

Understanding Product Strategy

What is the value proposition of the product?

What goals is the product trying to achieve?

Who will use the product and why?

What gives the product a competitive edge?

How could the product’s success be measured?

Impact of Product Features

What are the top features of the product?

What features does the product lack?

Do these features meet their users’ desires?

How do different types of users react to these features?

What features get users to open the app from time to time

Why do these features provide an excellent User Experience?

My Recommendations

Recommendation 1 — Public Podcast

Recommendation 2 — Audio Chat Groups

Final Thoughts

Will the product be successful?

What did I like about the product?

What did I dislike about the app?

What questions and doubts do I have?

Broader implications derived from the observations

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