Foreword: The purpose of a product critique is to observe and evaluate what makes a successful or not-so-successful product. The goal is not to criticize but rather reverse engineer the thinking underlying the product. …

P.S. I want to preface this case study by stating that I have the utmost respect for the designers and developers at Peloton, and this concept redesign is born out of a desire to further my own education as a designer.

Some Background

Like many of Peloton’s new users, I started using…

While on my journey to become a self-taught UX professional, I knew the first big challenge I would face would be to develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of UX. After a lot of asking around on Quora and Reddit, I knew this course was the place to start.

Aditya Mankare

I’m a UX Designer focused on building products that create an emotional and behavioral impact on people. Studying HCI at the University of Michigan.

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